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About Stama Winery

The Meaning Behind Our Name and Logo

The owners had an ancestor during the Greek Revolutionary War in 1821. This ancestor was a Captain in the Greek army. He was tasked with saving 2 sisters from the village that were kidnapped by Turkish soldiers. He managed to do so, but in the process was captured, chained to a stone wall, and sentenced to be burned alive. Legend has it that he managed to escape. He left the area and changed his name from Stamatopoulos to Kapiniaris. Still the family's name today, Kapiniaris means "The one who is burned" or "The one who is smoked". In order to honor this ancestor we have shortened Stamatopoulos to Stama, and incorporated the chain into our label, representing breaking free, but also always remembering!

"Break Free"

What do you do to Break Free from your daily work?   

I take Stama wine to the beaches of the world!  Send me a Facebook or Instagram photo of you "Breaking Free" with a bottle of Stama wines.